ep1 From The Ground Up #AuspolGROUNDED with Joey Nicita

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ep1 From The Ground Up #AuspolGROUNDED with Joey Nicita

Here's the TLDR of episode 1.

We're back! Noely and I are back on the podcast scene with a new show called From The Ground Up: Your regular shot of reality #AuspolGROUNDED. On From The Ground Up we talk all things politics, news and most importantly the real stuff real people. We are here to bust the 2 choices only narrative. Episodes are broadcasted live on spreaker and you can chat to us on twitter using the hashtags #AuspolGROUNDED and #AuspolLIVE but episodes will also be immediately available on soundcloud and youtube after broadcasting.

For our first episode we had Joesph Nicita (@JoeyNicita) the 23 year old Greens candidate in Hornsby for the NSW 2019 state election. Joey is well known on twitter for his love of all things netball, AFL and most importantly puns. On this episode we asked Joey what it is like to be so young in politics and WHY he wanted to get into politics so young in the first place and Noely and I learnt a few new things about the Greens as a party. We're hoping to do a follow up with Joey right before the election so if you have any questions or comments for Joey or about running in a state election let us know!


You can listen to the episode here!


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